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There and Back Again: Why I Gave Up Alcohol At 22


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Treatment Programs Designed to Meet Every Need


At Positive Progression, some of the many treatment programs we offer to our patients include:

  • Medically Managed Detox : Conducted by a licensed medical doctor who is also certified as a specialist to help you through this important, first step towards sobriety.
  • Inpatient Residential Treatment : This is an inpatient program that lasts at least 30 days. It begins with a comprehensive initial assessment and medical evaluation so that we can tailor your treatment according to your individual needs.
  • Private One-on-One Counseling : Private counseling with a licensed counselor creates a platform where you can discuss the difficulties and challenges that are involved with substance abuse and overcoming addiction.
  • Family Counseling Program : One of the biggest areas of damage caused by substance abuse takes place within the family unit. Because of this, we make family counseling an important part of your overall treatment program to restore you to the ones you love the most.

Unique Treatments to Meet Your Needs

At Positive Progression, we know that you are unique, which means that your needs for rehabilitation are unique as well. Just like people are not alike, we believe that no two treatment plans should be alike. That is why our clinical team utilizes many types of treatments to build an individualized plan designed for you including using:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • 12 Steps Program
  • Anxiety Reduction
  • Nutrition
  • Amino Acid Therapy
  • Exercise
  • Relaxation and Acupuncture Massage Therapy

Positive Progression Treatments

Bay Area Rehab Center Serving San Jose and San Francisco

Drug and alcohol addiction is a devastating, serious, and life-threatening situation. Positive Progression, Inc. recognizes this and is ready to help you get your life back. Our behavioral health facility in San Jose has been providing full treatment drug andrehabilitation services in San Jose and San Francisco for over 30 years. We offer treatment services in a serene and peaceful environment intentionally designed to complement your recovery with an atmosphere of healing and grace.

Free Assessment



San Jose and San Francisco Rehab Center

At no charge, Positive Progression, Inc. offers a professional assessment to help meet your specific situation and rehabilitation treatment needs. Assessment is important because it dictates the effectiveness of our treatment and care. Initial and progressive assessments may be conducted to track your status. These assessments include:

  • Psychological
  • Neurological
  • Medical’
  • Dual Diagnosis



Positive Progression has been helping families since 1989. We are licensed and accredited by the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs. Our program is overseen by a doctor with over thirty-five years treating drug addiction and is a Registered Addiction Specialist. Our addiction treatment staff work together to provide a safe and confidential environment while communicating with clients one-on-one and in group settings to help them achieve their addiction recovery goals.



We are a beautiful, serene upscale drug and alcohol and treatment center. Our individualized treatment program never exceeds six guests at a time which gives the individual the attention they need for their personal condition in a private and peaceful homelike setting. Our facility includes a pool and barbeque area allowing you to rest and relax during your recovery period.

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