At Positive Progression, some of the many treatment programs we offer to our patients include:

  • Medically Managed Detox : Conducted by a licensed medical doctor who is also certified as a specialist to help you through this important, first step towards sobriety.
  • Inpatient Residential Treatment : This is an inpatient program that lasts at least 30 days. It begins with a comprehensive initial assessment and medical evaluation so that we can tailor your treatment according to your individual needs.
  • Private One-on-One Counseling : Private counseling with a licensed counselor creates a platform where you can discuss the difficulties and challenges that are involved with substance abuse and overcoming addiction.
  • Family Counseling Program : One of the biggest areas of damage caused by substance abuse takes place within the family unit. Because of this, we make family counseling an important part of your overall treatment program to restore you to the ones you love the most.