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You will receive a complete and individualized assessment and screening to find the right treatment plan for your individualized treatment needs. We work with other programs to help all individuals to find the right drug treatment center and will recommend the appropriate referral and resource for you to achieve the best and most appropriate place for your complete treatment program and sustaining your recovery to prevent relapse. The best thing you can do for your and your loved ones is get your life back! You can recover and rehabilitate and do not have to suffer anymore.  In this quiet and beautiful setting you can get the individualized treatment you need now.  Call now for a free assessment an Addiction Specialist is available to you on our 24 hour helpline. 888-333-3963. You can do this and deserve it.

Our Personal Transformation Program


Our individual, personal, transformation program serves individuals suffering from addiction and chemical dependency of all kinds. We have found most addiction comes from an unresolved emotional trauma which induces depression and anxiety. People who suffer from this condition may try to seek relief, self-medicate or even receive prescription drugs from a personal psychiatrist or medical doctor that are very dangerous and addictive. This can spiral down very quickly into a serious medical condition that can be life threatening. We specialize in treatment for individuals who are suffering from all kinds of substance abuse, including marijuana or otherwise known as THC, Stimulants including cocaine, methamphetamine, along with benzodiazepines, opiates including oxycodone, herion Our supervised medical services includes a full medical detox from Alcohol, Opiates, amphetamines,stimulants, pain medication and benzodiazepines, alcoholism, Club drugs, Inhalants, LSD, Acid, MDMA, SOMA, PCP/Phencyclidine, Prescription Medications.

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May you be blessed enough to spend this new year with your parents, friends, loved ones. Be grateful and you will have only good things come your way. Happy 2018!

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Best wishes for a happy holiday season and our sincere thanks for your loyalty and goodwill throughout the year!

Signs of Addiction


Signs of addiction include the following:

  • Loss of Control: Drinking or drugging more than a person wants to, for longer than they intended, or despite telling themselves that they wouldn’t do it this time.
  • Neglecting Other Activities: Spending less time on activities that used to be important (hanging out with family and friends, exercising, pursuing hobbies or other interests) because of the use of alcohol or drugs; drop in attendance and performance at work or school.
  • Risk Taking: More likely to take serious risks in order to obtain one’s drug of choice.
  • Relationship Issues: People struggling with addiction are known to act out against those closest to them, particularly if someone is attempting to address their substance problems; complaints from co-workers, supervisors, teachers or classmates.
  • Secrecy: Going out of one’s way to hide the amount of drugs or alcohol consumed or one’s activities when drinking or drugging; unexplained injuries or accidents.
  • Changing Appearance: Serious changes or deterioration in hygiene or physical appearance – lack of showering, slovenly appearance, unclean clothes.
  • Family History: A family history of addiction can dramatically increase one’s predisposition to substance abuse.
  • Tolerance: Over time, a person’s body adapts to a substance to the point that they need more and more of it in order to have the same reaction.
  • Withdrawal: As the effect of the alcohol or drugs wear off the person may experience symptoms such as: anxiety or jumpiness; shakiness or trembling; sweating, nausea and vomiting, insomnia, depression, irritability, fatigue or loss of appetite and headaches.
  • Continued Use Despite Negative Consequences: Even though it is causing problems (on the job, in relationships, for one’s health), a person continues drinking and drugging.




Each of our individualized treatments are specifically designed to effectively meet the special needs associated with drug or alcohol addiction. Our comprehensive program is detailed in the way it targets the whole person, from teen support, social integration, court advocacy, eating disorders and even anger management.

You Don’t Need to Suffer Alone from Depression or Anxiety


You don’t need to suffer and you are not alone if you are having severe anxiety and depression or suffer from addiction. A specialist is available to you right now.
All you have to do is pick up the phone and dial 888–333–3963 and help is available to you. If you or someone you know needs to talk to someone, give us a call and let’s talk. We can check your benefits for free and we take all major insurance.

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