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Psychologist Helping To Overcome Fears

Because trauma and substance abuse are often related issues, it is much more effective to treat both of these problems simultaneously.

In treatment, patients need therapists and health care providers who are aware of their traumatic past and can understand how it fits into the symptoms of their addiction.

Trauma informed care has become a much more integral part of treatment because it offers patients a more holistic approach to their recovery.

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Trauma and Substance Abuse

There is a very close connection between trauma and substance abuse in many cases. In fact, aside from genetic factors trauma is one of the most common risks for developing a problem with drugs or alcohol. Painful and difficult experiences often lead people to find substances that will help them to forget or numb their emotions.


Trauma is essentially a situation or event that is shocking and is something that a person does not know how to cope with. It can leave individuals in an extreme state of fear that makes it harder for them to function as well as their peers. They may be left with a lot of negative emotions as a result of their trauma such as helplessness, confusion, terror and powerlessness.

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How We Can Help


Seasons in Malibu Mental Health offers a CARF-accredited, licensed, stand- alone facility, strictly dedicated to mental health treatment, overlooking a private beach, in beautiful Malibu, California.

Once admitted, clients are safely ensconced in a warm, beachy ambiance, with close-up ocean views, a private path to the beach, sumptuous meals prepared by our chefs, and 24-hour compassionate care from our staff.

A typical day might begin with a beach walk followed by yoga and breakfast, and end around the fire pit with other clients, processing what you have learned and experienced that day.

If you or a loved one is struggling with mental health, please call our Mental Health Treatment Center in Malibu to have a free, no-obligation, confidential conversation with one of our caring admissions counselors about how Seasons in Malibu can help.

Call 866-780-8539


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You will receive a complete and individualized assessment and screening to find the right treatment plan for your individualized treatment needs. We work with other programs to help all individuals to find the right drug treatment center and will recommend the appropriate referral and resource for you to achieve the best and most appropriate place for your complete treatment program and sustaining your recovery to prevent relapse. The best thing you can do for your and your loved ones is get your life back! You can recover and rehabilitate and do not have to suffer anymore.  In this quiet and beautiful setting you can get the individualized treatment you need now.  Call now for a free assessment an Addiction Specialist is available to you on our 24 hour helpline. 888-333-3963. You can do this and deserve it.

Our Personal Transformation Program


Our individual, personal, transformation program serves individuals suffering from addiction and chemical dependency of all kinds. We have found most addiction comes from an unresolved emotional trauma which induces depression and anxiety. People who suffer from this condition may try to seek relief, self-medicate or even receive prescription drugs from a personal psychiatrist or medical doctor that are very dangerous and addictive. This can spiral down very quickly into a serious medical condition that can be life threatening. We specialize in treatment for individuals who are suffering from all kinds of substance abuse, including marijuana or otherwise known as THC, Stimulants including cocaine, methamphetamine, along with benzodiazepines, opiates including oxycodone, herion Our supervised medical services includes a full medical detox from Alcohol, Opiates, amphetamines,stimulants, pain medication and benzodiazepines, alcoholism, Club drugs, Inhalants, LSD, Acid, MDMA, SOMA, PCP/Phencyclidine, Prescription Medications.

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